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    Elizabeth Taylor, 1949

    Photo by Willy Rizzo

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    Created by David Webb for Elizabeth Taylor in 1965 (purchased by Richard Burton).

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    Elizabeth Taylor’s coral, emerald, gold, and diamond bracelet. By David Webb, 1967.

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    “My mother wisely made very sure when I was young that I wouldn’t get big-headed about my looks. She said, “You have nice eyes, but they’re only nice as long as the expression in back of them is nice. And that depends solely on what you are as a person inside. You are not beautiful, but you can be attractive when you’re nice inside.”

    - Elizabeth Taylor

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  8. © Ghislain Dussart; Brigitte Bardot, 1968.

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    Rita Hayworth, on her wedding day - marrying Prince Aly Khan               (May 17, 1949)

  10. A young Grace Kelly tries out a vibration belt during her pre-Hollywood modeling days, 1950s.

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    Gucci Bus.

    San Marcos, Texas.

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  14. Joan Bennett and Michael Redgrave in Secret Beyond the Door (1948)

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